St. Martin Men’s Club
The St. Martin de Porres Men’s Club was formed by Jim McTighe in 1989 as a support group for widowers, several of whom would meet once a month on average for lunch. In time, other men from St. Martin’s and other Boulder parishes joined the group to enjoy conversation and camaraderie. In recent years St. Martin’s pastors have taken time to join the group which meets at 11:30 a.m. on the first Monday of each month at the Egg & I in Basemar Shopping Center in Boulder. The group is open to all men who wish to participate.

Anyone interested in participating in the luncheons are invited to call Jim McTighe at (303) 494-3920 or St. Martin’s parish office.

Jack Baker 303-466-8501
Lee Bechard 303-485-9813
Bob Brockish 303-499-9629
Jim Cavanaugh 303-494-6275
Tom Dickinson 303-499-6128
Clem Driscoll 303-543-0989
John Holst 303-494-6625
Ramon Jesch 303-499-9056
Deacon Karl Matz 303-494-7755
Jim McTighe 303-494-3920
John Myers 303-494-9871
Pete Schumacher 303-494-2049
Ted Santuae 303-499-5181
Jack Thurman 303-434-5340

Please pray for the repose of the souls of our Deceased Members:

Bill Bower- 1918-2011
Chet Martin- 1927-2008
Marty Lukoskie – 1915-2008
George Valenta
Bob Miller – 1922-2004
Harold DeBolt – 1922- 2004
Jim Sweeney – 1939-1999
Walt Rebro – 1928-1997
Marty Griek – 1915-1996
Mike Baier – 1916-1996
Tom Hagerty – 1920-1996
Francis Atallah – 1931-1996